Quantitative Skills

Almost every ecologist and evolutionary biologist today needs strong quantitative skills, and the Program will guarantee you access to appropriate training and facilities. Everyone has different talents and levels of experience; everyone’s research needs will be different, as will the expectations of your future employers. When you join the program, we’ll assess your quantitative background and work out a plan to develop your quantitative skills.  

We offer complete subjects, specialised workshops and short courses, and regular drop-in sessions, and we’ll help you find the best combination. Here at Melbourne, we have tremendous quantitative expertise, through authors of highly cited books and papers in this area, to access to experts elsewhere in the university. Whether your needs (and weaknesses) are in statistics, modelling, programming or bioinformatics we can cater for your needs. And when you graduate, we’ll provide you with a statement of the skills you’ve acquired, which you can use when looking for new opportunities.