Academics in the program are drawn from our three Schools, and we encourage students to use the breadth of expertise available in the program. You’ll need at least two supervisors who agree to supervise you, and after enrolling you’ll also have an advisory committee. You can look for potential supervisors in a couple of ways – look at broad research areas and see who’s working in that area, or work through a list of supervisors and see their research interests, web pages, and Google Scholar entries.

Alphabetical list of academic staff

Dr Christina Aponte Google Scholar forests soil ecology interactions fire climate mycorrhiza landscape modelling
Prof Patrick Baker Web Page Google Scholar Forest ecology, palaeoclimate, silviculture, tropical forests
Assoc Prof Lauren Bennett Google Scholar forest ecology, carbon, fire ecology, soils
Assoc Prof Anthony Boxshall Web Page Google Scholar Science Impact, Public Sector uptake of environmental science, marine ecology, environment protection and regulation, coastal climate change adaptation, environmental pollution (including faecal, plastics)
Prof Roger Cousens Web Page Google Scholar Plant population ecology; ecology & evolution of invasive plants, conservation of terrestrial coastal ecosystems
Assoc Prof Rob Day Web Page Google Scholar Aquaculture and fisheries, especially abalone
Assoc Prof Tim Dempster Web Page Google Scholar Marine ecology; environmental impacts, animal behaviour, host-parasite interactions, ecological traps, invasion ecology, aquaculture environment interactions, aquaculture technology
Prof Barbara Downes Web Page Species coexistence & dispersal across landcapes; population dynamics; freshwater ecosystems, mostly invertebrates
Prof Mark Elgar Web Page Google Scholar Evolutionary ecology: animal behaviour; chemical communication; mating strategies under sexual conflict; social behaviour; signals and inter-specific mutualisms
Assoc Prof Jane Elith Web Page Google Scholar
Dr Amanda Franklin Google Scholar Visual communication, animal colouration and behavioral ecology. Primarily invertebrates.
Dr Irene Gallego Romero Web Page Google Scholar Visual communication, animal colouration and behavioral ecology. Primarily invertebrates.
Dr Oliver Griffith Web Page Google Scholar Broadly interested in the evolution of pregnancy, from molecular, developmental, physiological, and ecophysiological perspectives
Dr Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita Web Page Google Scholar Ecological modelling, ecological statistics; species distribution modelling; community modelling; wildlife monitoring; imperfect detection; optimal survey design
Dr Christy Hipsley Web Page Google Scholar Macroevolution; reptiles, vertebrate paleontology, phylogenetics, diversification, comparative anatomy, climate change, extinction, biogeography, ecomorphology
Prof Ary Hoffmann Web Page Google Scholar Wolbachia endosymbionts for controlling mosquito borne diseases, climate change adaptation, management of invertebrate pests
Dr Luke Holman Web Page Google Scholar Evolutionary ecology; sexual selection/conflict; social evolution; evolutionary constraints; animal signals; selfish genes; phenotypic plasticity; theoretical models
Dr Samantha Imberger Web Page Google Scholar Freshwater ecology, anthropogenic impacts, ecosystem structure and function, carbon processing
Dr Therésa Jones Web Page Google Scholar Behavioural ecology; invertebrate mating systems, sexual selection, ecological light pollution
Assoc Prof Michael Kearney Web Page Google Scholar mechanistic species distribution models, arid zone ecology, invertebrate conservation and management, biophysical ecology, metabolic theory, microclimate, climate change, dynamic energy budget theory
Prof Mick Keough Web Page Google Scholar resilience and disturbance, larval dispersal, evolutionary biology of marine invertebrate larvae, environmental impacts
Prof Tom Kompas Web Page Google Scholar Biosecurity, climate change, economics, biodiversity, landscapes
Dr José Lahoz-Monfort Web Page Google Scholar Conservation technology; Ecological modelling, including species distribution modelling, demography and population dynamics
Assoc Prof Steve Livesley Google Scholar urban ecosystems, biogeochemistry, forest and woodland ecology
Prof Michael McCarthy Web Page Google Scholar Ecology; ecological modelling, environmental decisions,fire ecology, imperfect detection
Dr John Morrongiello Web Page Google Scholar Fish ecology, climate change impact & adaptation, evolutionary & behavioural ecology, fishery impacts, river regulation, life histories
Prof Raoul Mulder Web Page Google Scholar Behavioural ecology; animal behaviour, social behaviour, mating systems, sexual selection, cooperation, communication, anthropogenic impacts
Dr Craig Nitschke Web Page Google Scholar Landscape Ecology, Forest Ecology, Climate Change, Sustainable Forest Management, Disturbance, Ecological Modelling, Forest Dynamics, Livelihoods, Adaptation, Biodiversity Conservation
Assoc Prof Kirsten Parris Web Page Google Scholar Urban ecology, amphibian ecology, bio-acoustics and animal communication
Assoc Prof Ben Phillips Web Page Google Scholar Evolution and ecology; modelling, invasive species, targeted gene flow, host-parasite interactions
Dr Charles Robin Web Page Google Scholar Role of adaptation in shaping variation within and between species;  insecticide resistance, comparative genomics of insect enzymes,  pest control without adverse impacts on biodiversity
Dr Perran Ross Web Page Google Scholar Mosquitoes, life history, adaptation, Wolbachia
Dr Libby Rumpff Web Page Google Scholar Structured decision making, adaptive management, ecological risk assessment, plant ecology
Dr Shayzia Ruybal Genomic epidemiology, ecology and evolution of malaria
Assoc Prof Devi Stuart-Fox Web Page Google Scholar Evolutionary biology; animal coloration, sensory ecology, animal behaviour, speciation, lizards, macro-evolutionary patterns
Prof Steve Swearer Web Page Google Scholar Ecology, Marine and Coastal Environmental Management, Fish Ecology
Assoc Prof Peter Vesk Web Page Google Scholar
Prof Brendan Wintle Web Page Google Scholar Conservation and environmental management , Decision theory, Ecological Modelling, Conservation Planning, Forest Management, Statistical Modelling
Dr Jian Yen Web Page Google Scholar population ecology, community ecology, Bayesian statistics, ecological modelling