The Ecology and Evolution PhD program

The University of Melbourne is a national and international leader in ecology and evolution (EE) and is a great place to undertake your research training.  We have an outstanding line-up of highly-regarded researchers and we host eight major research centres and hubs in these disciplines. Together with our research students, we seek a better understanding of the world in which we – and other organisms – live; and we use this knowledge and our skills to address important environmental and social issues, including conservation decision-making, climate change and mitigation, population health, sustainable natural resource management and urban planning.  Whether your interests are related to marine, terrestrial or freshwater environments and organisms, the scope for you is almost unlimited!

But everyone will tell you that (though with us it is true!).  You can study for a PhD in ecology and evolution at hundreds of Universities: you just find a supervisor and an interesting research project, apply for a scholarship, write a thesis,…  And thus you learn how to be a researcher.  So simple!  So what is special about the Melbourne EE PhD Program and why should you apply to join us? One difference is the extent to which we look after you and help you to kick-start your career.  As part of your studies you will:

  • interact on a regular basis with other PhD students across several departments, working on just about every branch of ecology and evolution that you could imagine.  You will not be alone!
  • receive specialised training in quantitative skills, a vital part of the modern ecologist’s and evolutionary biologist’s toolbox. This is one of our hallmarks that will set you apart from PhD graduates from elsewhere
  • select from a number of special short courses providing you with additional skills to enhance your research capabilities and your employability
  • have a mentor, a young scientist who graduated with a PhD not long ago
  • if you wish, choose to participate in a 1-3 month vocational program, where you spend time within industry
  • as a group of PhD students meet with leading visiting scientists and talk with them about their work and careers
  • participate in your own annual Ecology & Evolution research symposium, run by students, for students
  •  have fun and be inspired (or at least we will try our best!).